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Your credit will determine the interest rate that you pay on every dollar you borrow - from your mortgage to your credit cards. It can affect the cost of your insurance, and even your employment opportunities. Good credit means peace of mind and a better quality of life. You want your credit to be as good as it can possibly be. Our job is to make that happen, quickly and efficiently.

The Method
We offer the most effective credit re-establishment program in the industry. Our mastery of the laws that govern the credit bureaus, creditors, and collectors gives us the edge in identifying and removing items from your credit report that are not in compliance. Our knowledge of the FICO credit scoring model provides a superior, measurable outcome. And our understanding of the criteria that creditors use in approving loans means that we can guide you towards your goals in the most successful way. We have been doing this since 2001 and have developed a finely tuned system designed to get the optimal result in the shortest time.

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